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About Green Ape Coffee

Guatemalan Grown. Texas Roasted.

 Since the 1800s, the family behind Green Ape Coffee has cultivated a rich heritage in coffee growing. Our mission is to offer an unrivaled cup of coffee, blending tradition with the best practices of today. We collaborate with sustainable farms in Guatemala to expand our selection of unique single-origin coffees.
At Green Ape Coffee, we pride ourselves on small-batch roasting, ensuring each bean's unique flavor is preserved. Unlike blended coffees, we maintain the integrity of single-origin beans, allowing you to experience the pure essence of each region.

Our commitment goes beyond great taste—it's about fostering sustainability and community. By choosing Green Ape Coffee, you support a legacy of quality, the health of our planet, and the prosperity of our farmers. Discover the deep, varied flavors from our ethical and historical roots in every cup.
When you open a bag of Green Ape Coffee, you know it's packed with the utmost freshness and care.


Partners Through Time

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